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Those Boat Owners wishing to hire Oakdale Yacht Service to work on their boats can click on any of the forms in the summer or winter tab call up a .pdf file that can be printed and filled out. Once you’ve either initialed, circled or filled out all the necessary paperwork, you can either:

Scan the page and email to our Service Department, or deliver it in person to Lou or Sean in our Service Dept at Oakdale Yacht, 520 Shore Road, Oakdale.

[DO NOT ATTEMPT to deliver your paperwork to Greene’s Creek Marina in West Sayville.] Make sure you fill out all information.  Everyone is required to submit a CUSTOMER INFORMATION Sheet. Returning OYS/GCM Seasonal Customers currently under contract, please indicate so at the top of the forms you submit.

  • All work performed by Oakdale Yacht is guaranteed by Oakdale Yacht.
  • Oakdale Yacht reserves the right to store boats at our discretion.
  • Oakdale Yacht requires that you remove all electronics, dock lines, shore power cords, canvas, perishables and other items considered to be personal property prior to the time of haul out.
  • Oakdale Yacht is NOT responsible for any personal property left on the boat.
  • Oakdale Yacht requires that all fuel tanks are filled by the owner of the boat prior to storage or Oakdale Yacht will fill the tank at the owner’s expense to % full.  Fuel stabilizer must be added to the fuel tank.  It assists in preventing condensation.  All boats are required to be covered or shrink-wrapped.  Please refer to our shrink-wrapping policies.
  • Oakdale Yacht will not be responsible for any scratches, scrapes, or underwater gear damage recorded by OYS at the time the boat is brought in and will not be responsible for weather related damage.
  • Oakdale Yacht will schedule on or about the last day the boat will be used.  Oakdale Yacht is not responsible for weather related delays.  The customer is required to have sufficient rope on board to secure the boat prior to haul.
  • Oakdale Yacht/GCM no longer stores trailers on premises.  CUSTOMERS MUST TAKE TRAILERS HOME.
  • There will be a $40 charge for any boat being brought from customer slip to the basin area for haul out.
  • Oakdale Yacht/Greene’s Creek Marina no longer store batteries.