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2018 Summerization Rates


 Summerization Rates 2017

Mechanic Labor Rates $150.00 per hr. Mechanics Assistant. $ 75.00 per hr
Electrical Service Tech $150.00 per hr. Estimate Fees*  $125.00 per hr.
* Estimated fees to be applied towards service invoice if Oakdale Yacht performs the work.

Complete Tune-Up Outboard

*All Prices are for Labor Only– Parts Additional.

2 Cylinder $115.00
4 Cylinder $195.00
6 Cylinder EFI Outboard $245.00
4 Cylinder 4 Stroke $250.00
6 Cylinder 4 Stroke $270.00
8 Cylinder 4 Stroke $285.00
Mercruiser Alpha Waterpump Service $250.00
Outboard Lower Unit Gearcase Service $280.00
Gas Inboard Engine Waterpump Service $280.00
Engine Coolant Change – Time/Material

Summer Services

Summerize Engines Time/Materials
Summerize Fresh water system Time/Materials
Summerize A/C Systems & Head Time/Materials
Change Zincs Time/Materials
Paint Transom Assembly w/Antifouling Paint $100.00
Paint Outdrive $90.00
Recon Prop Time/Materials
Shrink Wrap Removal/Set up Canvas $50.00
Charge Batteries** $50.00
Install 24 or 27 Series Size Batteries $50.00
**Customers must have their Batteries on their Boat 2 Weeks Prior to their Launch Date

Standard Labor Charges

(All Parts Additional)

Complete Tune-Up Inboard or I/O
*All prices are Labor Only– Parts Additional. (Includes Changing Cap, Rotor, Spark Plugs and Fuel Filter.)
4 Cylinder Gas $150.00
6 Cylinder Gas $200.00
8 Cylinder Gas Carbureted $230.00
8 Cylinder Gas Fuel Injected $250.00


Hauling/Launching Rates – Travel Lift

Generally 32′ and over

Launch $12.50 per ft

Loading/Offloading Rates

Load on/Offload from a Trailer $10.00 per ft
Load on/ Offload from a Transporter $10.00 per ft

Bottom Painting Rates

Boat Size One Coat Paint (ablative)
Up to 30 ft $13.50 per ft.
31′ to 40′ $14.50 per ft.
Over 40′ $15.50 per ft.
Please note: All Bottom paint must be done by Oakdale Yacht Service ONLY.                        Customers can NOT paint their boat in our yards.

Detailing Rates – Hull Only

Boat Size Wax Hull
Up to 25 ft $11.75 per ft.
26′ to 33′ $13.75 per ft.
34′ to 44′ $14.75 per ft.
Over 44′ $15.75 per ft.
Compound is Additional
Up to 29 ft. $2.50 per ft.
30 ft. and over $3.50 per ft.


                        Detailing Rates- Topsides Only